SILVER - 30 Days

12.50 GBP inc. VAT


Important Information

When purchasing this digital product, you will gain access to the SILVER Rank for 30 days.
All Kits below will be redeemable 3 Hours after the server wipes.

SILVER Rank Wipe Kit Contents
40,000 Stone
60,000 Wood
20,000 Sulfur Ore
2,000 Cooked Sulfur
14,000 Metal Ore
3,000 Metal Fragments
1000 High-Quality Metal Ore
100 High-Quality Metal
2,500 Low-Grade Fuel
2,000 Cloth
2,000 Leather

SILVER Rank Daily Kit
1x Metal Hatchet

1x Metal Pickaxe
1x Road Sign Kilt
1x Road Sign Chest Plate
1x Coffe Can Helmet
1x Hoodie
1x Pants
1x Boots
3x Medical Syringes
1x Custom SMG
1x Revolver
65x Pistol Bullets
1x Supply Signal

SILVER Rank Additional Benefits
SILVER Tag In-game
3 Set Homes
Better Grade 3
Bypass queue
Furnace Splitter
Chest Sorting System
Sign Artist
270 Second Home Teleportation Cooldown
80 Second Teleportation Cooldown
13 Second Home Teleportation Countdown
13 Second Teleportation Countdown
Additional 2 PP Per Hour

When you have purchased this rank, it will be activated within 1-5 mins of your purchase.
Your rank will NOT automatically renew after 30 days.
Please Note: We reserve the right to change this product at any point of time without notice