VIP - 30 Days

8.33 GBP inc. VAT


Important Information

When purchasing this digital product, you will gain access to the VIP Rank for 30 days.
All Kits below will be redeemable 3 Hours after the server wipes.

VIP Rank Wipe Kit Contents
40,000 Stone
60,000 Wood
20,000 Sulfur Ore
2,000 Cooked Sulfur
14,000 Metal Ore
3,000 Metal Fragments
1,000 High-Quality Metal Ore
100 High-Quality Metal
2,000 Low-Grade Fuel
2,000 Cloth
2,000 Leather

VIP Rank Daily Kit
1x Salvaged Axe

1x Salvaged Icepick
1x Custom SMG
65x Pistol Bullets
1x Supply Signal

VIP Rank Additional Benefits
[VIP] Tag In-game
3 Set Homes
Bypass Queue
45 Second Home Teleportation Cooldown
29 Second Teleportation Cooldown
24 Second Home Teleportation Countdown
19 Second Teleportation Countdown
Additional 3 PP Per Hour

When you have purchased this rank, it will be activated within 1-5 mins of your purchase.
Your rank will NOT automatically renew after 30 days.
Please Note: We reserve the right to change this product at any point of time without notice